Corporate Events

Are you seeking a fresh and fun way to reward hard-working employees, loyal clients, or dedicated brand enthusiasts? Do you want to create a high-energy social environment which motivates, educates, and promotes positive team building skills as well? Do you need your group to get to know your company, your products or each other in a short period of time?

Volcano Oasis is a unique venue to host your team building activities.

A positive shared experience for your entire group
Whether entertaining 10 or 500, the key to any successful group event is a positive shared experience. Volcano Oasis events are guaranteed to be fun and memorable for EVERYBODY in attendance by delivering an activity which is:
•    Extremely fun, sophisticated & challenging
•    Fully customized for your specific attendees and goals
•    Ideal for diverse audiences, regardless of age, managerial level or background
•    Highly adaptable to your venue of choice
•    Available year-round, day or night, rain or shine

An effective means of rewarding loyal employees and clients while building strong team relationships
Whether your group knows each other intimately, or has only just met, Volcano Oasis events provide a highly energetic environment which:
• Naturally fosters teamwork, collaboration and communication
• Is charged with good-natured competition from start to finish
• Offers built-in socialization & networking opportunities
• Skillfully incorporates key facts about your company, products, and attendees themselves
• Has a lasting positive impact back at the workplace

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